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The Seminary at Strawberry

A Plan That Revitalizes the Seminary

The Seminary redevelopment plan is seeking approval for the reconstruction and expansion of the residential uses that currently exist within the former Baptist Seminary site.  This property offers a unique opportunity to develop a transformative mix of uses and residential types that meet the needs and expectations of a twenty-first century Marin.  The plan considers physical planning that brings together design, infrastructure, open space, and long-term management.

The plan expresses a vision for a multi-faceted environment that combines living, working and learning into a cohesive whole.  It creates a sustainable framework for building and site improvements that preserves and enhances the unique qualities of the site, while addressing land use, open space, mobility, infrastructure and most importantly, housing.  It contains design standards that define the various neighborhoods, landscape and open spaces to ensure a cohesive design aesthetic that extends throughout the project and its varied uses.

The proposal seeks to preserve unique aspects of the former Seminary, as it maintains a low density, park-like environment that emphasizes walking and bicycling and minimizes the presence of vehicles.