An Intergenerational Hamlet

A Fully Inclusionary Community

The vision developed in the new plan is for a truly intergenerational live/work/learn community.  (Studies show that intergenerational collaboration unites and improves communities while creating positive relationships as well as economic and social harmony.)  The major elements of the new plan – a residential community, an older adult residential/care facility, an internationally recognized academic institution operating under the existing conditional use permit, supporting amenities and open spaces – will work in harmony to create a unique space with the potential to improve and transform the social fabric of the site and the local community.  It is this diverse mix of uses that makes the plan a unique development.  The concurrence of a college/university presence, affordable housing, and a community for seniors will make this a model for intergenerational living.

Older adults will have opportunities to engage with the college/university community, while enjoying the care and amenities that a congregate community offers.  The combination of seniors, students, teachers, and residents creates an intergenerational community, keeping seniors engaged in a broader social fabric.  (The often-voiced downside to retirement communities is the absence of young people and varied social interaction.)  It also benefits youth through various mentorship and volunteer programs.

In aggregate, the project produces one of the least dense communities in southern Marin, at approximately 3.3 units to the acre.  If the 100 independent residences within the Residential Care Facility are included in the density calculation (which is not how the County counts a Residential Care Facility), the site would still be one of the least dense communities in Marin County at 4.3 units/acre.