Historical Usage

Site History

Initially considered as a potential location for the headquarters of the United Nations, the existing site facilities were originally developed by the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (GGBTS) pursuant to a 1953 Conditional Use Permit.  The project approvals authorized a campus of approximately 1,000 students in addition to faculty and staff.  The site was planned as an internally oriented "campus", in that there were no public roads traversing the property.  The original plan also included residential accommodations for approximately 400 students, faculty, staff and their families, a large portion of which was never built.  As the GGBTS grew, student enrollment reached over 800 in the 1980’s, peaking at 910 students in 1987.  Most of the campus population lived in the surrounding community and commuted to the site.

In 2014, the Golden Gate Theological Seminary decided to sell the property to North Coast Land Holdings LLC (“North Coast”) and moved its campus to Southern California in 2016/2017.