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Open Space, Walking Trails and Landscape

Preserving Open Spaces

A major aspect of the planning process was developing ways to preserve and enhance open space.  Approximately 70% of the 123-acre site will be preserved as open space.  Clustered housing and subterranean parking made it possible to increase open space.  A long-term landscaping plan will be implemented to replace dead or dying trees, maintain the forested nature of the site, and comply with Marin County fire codes.

North Coast’s goals include preserving viewsheds and the remaining ridgeline; establishing new parks, trails and pedestrian pathways; and maintaining access to open space for the community.  A description of each open space feature is included below.

Open Space Features

Seminary Drive Landscape Buffer

Seminary Playing Field

Campus Approach

Forested Knoll

Seminary Point Trail

Seminary Cove Trail

Chapel Hill Park & Wildlife Corridor

Campus Slopes

Storer Pathway

Woodland Buffer

Shuck Knoll Trail