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Seminary Point

The Seminary Point neighborhood is located on an existing road directly below the Forested Knoll.  Currently, there are 24 residential units massed in three prominent, two-story apartment buildings that extend above the native tree-line and are visible from across the bay and along Highway 101.  These structures are fully occupied and have no architectural aesthetic.

The proposal for Seminary Point includes a significant reduction in residential density, a major upgrade in the quality of the residential structures, and improvements and preservation of open space in the area.  North Coast has reimagined Seminary Point by reducing the unit count significantly from 24 existing units to 14.  The lower number of proposed units will be spread out along the existing road and designed to be built into the slope of the hill, rather than massed in a larger cluster on a smaller footprint.  The visual impact from the freeway and Seminary Drive will be significantly reduced as these structures will be lower in height and mostly shielded by the existing native tree cover.  The redesigned units will feature mostly southern-facing windows and screening to the west, intended to eliminate any light exposure toward the highway and Richardson bridge.

Seminary Point will also encompass two major open space features. The Forested Knoll above the existing building area is currently dominated by dead or dying non-native trees.  North Coast will include this area in a long-term landscaping plan that will replace dead trees and maintain Seminary Point as a prominent, forested area.  North Coast will clear the abandoned sewer easement below the roadway and improve it into a pedestrian trail that will be open to the public and offer panoramic views of the Marin Headlands and the San Francisco skyline.