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Fitness Center

The property does not currently contain a fitness facility, although a gymnasium was approved under the prior master plan.  In furtherance of North Coast’s stated objective of advancing wellness and physical fitness while simultaneously creating built amenities that reduce the need for on-site users to travel off-site, the new plan proposes to construct a 17,000 square foot fitness center for residents situated above the playing field near the lower tier parking area.

The facility is proposed to offer a half-basketball court (non-regulation) for recreation-type sports that can also be used as a gathering space for sports related activities.  The facility will include cardiovascular and resistance training equipment, an outdoor workout area and support spaces including a reception area, locker rooms, offices, and restrooms.  Rooftop mechanical equipment will be shielded from view and exteriors will be consistent with the proposed residential redevelopment.  An accessible roof deck could be utilized for fitness related activities.  Handicap and bicycle parking will be provided adjacent to the building.  North Coast will relocate the playground equipment currently located at the foot of Dorm Hill to the fitness center area.

The entry and drop off for the fitness center, playing field, and related activities will be from the existing, tiered parking area.

North Coast is applying for a new Master Use Permit to allow members of the local community to use the new fitness center.