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Chapel Hill

The Baptist’s large, iconic chapel/auditorium was planned as a dominating structure on the ridgeline between Chapel Drive and the existing campus.  North Coast included versions of hilltop preservation in its previous plans, however, the plan was significantly refined to include an intricately designed park, defined with a double row of trees and landscaping.  The area has sweeping views of the Bay and the San Francisco skyline and will become an important asset accessible to the local community.

The segment of Chapel Drive that crosses the hilltop will be a limited-access thoroughfare for fire trucks.  The remaining two segments of Chapel Drive will become residential cul-de-sacs.

The residential development surrounding Chapel Hill will be designed to sit below the proposed park.  A network of pedestrian paths will connect the units to the academic campus.  The western end of the existing academic building will be demolished and replaced with housing units and an underground parking garage.